Using Magnetic Name Tags

Magnetic Name Tags

If your company needs or uses name tags on a regular basis, then buying high quality magnetic name tags is obviously the way to go.

magnetic name tags
magnetic name tags

Using Magnetic Name Tags

Magnetic name tags can serve a number of purposes, from displaying your logo and identifying your employers to clients and customers, to helping identify members of a group or people at a large convention. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles and can work for just about every occasion.

magnetic name tags
magnetic name tags

Identify Your Employees While Branding Your Business

Studies have shown that customers feel more loyalty to businesses that they feel some type of personal connection to. Nothing is more personal that knowing your employees names especially if those employees are well trained and give great customer service. Magnetic name tags with logo not only gives potential and current customers or clients your employees name at a glance, but also serves to help familiarize and associate your company with your logo helping to brand your company without effort.

Even companies such as hotels and restaurants that often have a large change over of staff, or hire temporary employees during the the holiday or tourist season can benefit from using reusable magnetic name tags that have slots in which you can insert each temporary employees name. These reusable name tags can save you money in the long run, while making it clear that employee is part of your staff for the holiday or tourist season.


The Many Uses of Blank Magnetic Name Cards

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Large meetings and conventions have long made use of name cards to help create a friendly atmosphere. In days gone by these name cards have looked cheap and ugly and let’s face had sticky backs that often left residue on the wearers shirt. With today’s new style of blank magnetic name tags your convention can take on a much more professional look, by using name cards that are more attractive and easy to attach without leaving behind any sticker residue on the wearers clothing.

Blank name cards also work well when companies are having temporary apprentices or interns working for short periods of time. They also can serve as a temporary ID for new employees until their trial period is up and they are put on staff full time and are given a more permanent nametag.
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Why Choose a Magnetic Name Tag?

Choosing magnetic name tags makes perfect sense as name tags with pin backs tends to put holes in the wearers clothes, and those stick on name tags as mentioned earlier in the article look less than professional and can leave behind a sticky residue especially if the wearer forgets to remove the name tag before washing their clothes.

High quality magnetic name tags can be purchased in both plastic and metal and the magnets used to hold these name tags in place are strong and dependable. Many online companies offer special deals to both new and long time customers and some companies even offer same day delivery in emergency situations. If your company needs or uses name tags on a regular basis, then buying high quality magnetic name tags is obviously the way to go.


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